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Workflow diagram

Improve your workflow

How can online timesheets improve my management and finance workflows.

InfoEase employee time tracking software takes the strain out of timehseet processing, giving you instant access to the latest information on your staffing resources.

Changing the dynamics of your organisations employee management and invoicing workflow

Workflow diagram

A single source of data

Our software gives your employees a self-service portal to enter their own timesheets, with the option of recording their time on the go with our Android App.

This single point of entry removes errors introduced through duplication of processing and administrative staff incorrectly deciphering illegible paper timesheets.

Your information is instantly available

Improve wour productivity

As soon as a timesheet entry is made, it becomes available for use in your management workflow.

By reducing the time it takes to process timesheet data, and by minimising the processing steps to reduce errors and therefore increase data accuracy, you will have faster access to all the relevant status reports on your staffing levels and project progress.

By reducing the amount of time it takes to manage the timesheet processing, you are free to concentrate on more important and productive tasks.

Faster invoicing

The sooner you process your timesheets, the sooner you can invoice for the time and the sooner you can receive payment.

Improved timesheet accuracy leads to less invoices on dispute, reducing the time it takes to receive payment.

An optional approval stage is available to enable you to introduce separation of duties to your invoice processing. A full audit trail is kept showing the history of data entry, approval and invoice generation.

Employee payments

Self-service gives empowerment to your staff. By taking responsibility for their own timesheet entries, your employees will ensure accuracy, reducing the number of payroll errors.

Employees have access to their own portal where they can review the timesheet information that they have entered. From here, they can check to see what will be passed for payroll.

HR Reporting

The complete overview of your staffing levels and record of activities that this system brings you can lead to efficiency savings.

Manage staff absences. Monitor and act on sickness levels with confidence and ensure that correct annual leave is issued and taken.

Project management

Get the latest progress reports on your projects, comparing resources used against estimates. Not only will you have a complete picture of project status which can help to keep costs down, you can use this overview to provide more accurate estimating and quoting for future projects.

Estimate with confidence, knowing that you can keep track of the time spent on project.

Our software Demo gives you an opportunity to evaluate many of the features of the software.

The InfoEase Demo »