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Employees self service

A personal page for all your staff

A single point of entry for all timesheet submissions.

Self service for all your employees

overview screenshot 7 - Employees Contract

overview screenshot 1 - My calendar

overview screenshot 6 - Timesheet

When you login to the InfoEase time tracking software, you are immediately presented with your own personal annual calendar. This is the default view for the area of the software called 'My Pages'.

My Pages is a self service section where individual employees can enter their timesheets, view and edit parts of their personal employee record as well as view summarised reports, based on the timesheet data that they have entered.

Every employee or user that you setup to use the software can access this area of the software and is personal to them alone.

Employee self service can lead to greater timesheet accuracy as shifts are only entered once. Each employee can feel more empowered as they have greater control over their own personal records and timesheet entries, giving them a real sense of ownership of their data.

Employees can use their personal area of the software to check their own records before timesheet entries are collated for payroll. This can lead to a greater trust relationship between the employee and employer as there is an increased transparency between time recorded and payments made.

By allowing employees open and transparent access to their own records and by giving them more direct control over their own timesheet record keeping, it is possible to reduce admin overheads which would previously occurred from employee queries.

The 'My Pages' section of the software has a clean, intuitive web based interface with the pages are all presented in a format that makes them clear and easy to understand and interpret.

For a more in-depth overview, and hands on experience, please sign up for the demo version of the software. Signing up to the demo allows you to try out many of the features of the full software with no obligation or commitment. Access to the demo is instant upon completion of the registration form.

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