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Layout and navigation

A clean and intuitive interface.

The InfoEase time tracking and management system is navigated using a simple to use web based interface. By using a familiar web based interface, users will feel confident and familiar from the first time they login and use the software.

Keeping it simple

Typical screen navigation layout

The layout of the software is clean, bright, intuitive and optimised for simplicity of use, whether accessed on a PC, laptop or tablet, or via a keyboard and mouse or touchscreen.

The layout, navigation and menus remain consistent throughout the software allowing for ease of use and familiarisation. The layout means you will always know which part of the software you are accessing and, if necessary, where to navigate to next to complete a task or process.

The software is divided into functional sections for ease of use. The sections are My pages, Activities, Employees, Jobs/Projects and Invoicing. Each section is accessed via navigation tabs along the top of the main work area and will clearly identify the currently selected section. After logging in to the software, you will be presented with the annual calendar view within My Pages. Every user has access to My Pages, which is the self-service section of the software and is personal and specific to each individual user. The remaining section tabs may or may not be visible to each individual user, depending on the permissions that have been set for them.

Within each section, individual pages and reports are accessed by a menu bar, providing either direct access to pages or popup lists of reports. The buttons on the menu bar are grouped together into related tasks. Once again, buttons will only be visible to an individual user if they have been granted access to that specific function.

On the right hand side of each page, a drop down menu gives you access to options that are specific to the page or report that you are currently viewing. The options may range from selecting an individual employee or job/project through to selecting the period of time that a report covers.

There are no 'grayed out' buttons or tabs within our navigation and menu system. You will only see a navigation route if you have the necessary access rights to go there. This adds to the clarity of the software, providing a clutter free working environment so you can concentrate on the tasks and processes that are relevant to you.

For a more in-depth overview, and hands on experience, please sign up for the demo version of the software. Signing up to the demo allows you to try out many of the features of the full software with no obligation or commitment. Access to the demo is instant upon completion of the registration form.

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