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Cloud computing

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources as a service over the internet.

How can I benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a viable alternative method of IT services delivery due to the recent advances in internet technology.

The improvements in internet speed, availability and accessibility means that we are no longer restricted to accessing internet delivered information from a fixed location or from a computer.

Internet access is now an integrated part of many business and domestic devices. Fast internet access is now free from the restrictions of land-lines and can now be accessed from many locations.

How can cloud computing benefit my business?

IT can be a costly and confusing part of any business. Many businesses may not be receiving the full benefits from IT as they may find the costs of IT infrastructure, hardware and software licencing a barrier. Traditionaly, introducing, maintaining and developing IT resources into an effective business tool required expertise in many IT disciplines and this required investment in IT staff and continuous training and development. IT resources can be costly and time consuming to maintain. Hardware may develop faults, software require patching and updates must be applied. Software must maintain compatablilty with hardware and operating systems after upgrades have been applied and on top of this, security and integrity must be maintained.

Cloud computing removes the barriers to implementing a successful IT strategy.

By using cloud based services:

Cloud computing
  • services can be established with short lead times as no on-site installation is required.
  • services can be scaled up and down depending on the changing needs of the business.
  • service contracts can be terminated at short notice with no commitment to annual or perpetual licences.
  • the software will be available to you without a site visit from an engineer or by self installation
  • you will always have access to the latest version of the software without having to apply your own patches or install the latest updates
  • you are no longer limited to software that only runs on your chosen platform
  • you no longer need to worry if any changes to your hardware or operation systems will result in incompatability with your software
  • your employees are no longer restricted to accessing the software at your office or on specific PCs.
  • you no longer need to invest in specialist IT staff to maintain your IT systems
  • simplifies you business continuity / disaster recovery plan as your information will remain accessible in the event of a disaster at your premises

Cloud computing is a great way to enhance your business by delivering a fulfilling and rewarding IT strategy with no long term commitment and no complex and expensive IT knowledge.