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Enter timesheets anywhere with the InfoEase Android™ App

Our cloud based time tracking and management software

InfoEase provides cloud based time tracking software for you and your employees.

By recording staff time, you can keep control of your resources, manage absences more efficiently, plan and estimate more accurately and improve your workflow.

Our software is cloud based and is accessed through your web browser on any device. The software uses a responsive design which adapts itself and delivers a user experience appropriate to the device and screen size that you are using. This makes it highly usable whether you are working on your office PC, on the train with your laptop or on site with your tablet or smartphone

This can lead to efficiency savings for your business and speed up cash-flow with faster time billing

InfoEase mobile app

Also available as an App on your smartphone

An accompanying Android™ App is available for download from the Google Play Store

Android app on Google Play

The App gives you choice on how you enter your timesheets and access the software

Although our web based software adapts its layout to suit smaller screen sizes, the InfoEase App has a dedicated, mobile and tablet friendly layout for timesheet entry.

This allows a cleaner, touch friendly icon driven access to the key features of the timesheet entry process, allowing the user to check in and out of shift with minimum interaction.

Timesheets can be recorded using the App, even when no internet access is available. This allows you to record time in any environment and upload the shifts at a later time.

The app provides a portal to the full version of the software giving you rapid access to all the features.

You can try trial the software by using the InfoEase Demo. An Android™ App is also available to use with the Demo and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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