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Overview of InfoEase time tracking

What our software can bring to you and your business

The InfoEase employee time tracking and management software is easy to navigate, simple to use whilst providing a rich, dynamic overview of how time is being used within your company.

Benefits of the InfoEase time tracking software

overview screenshot 2 - Employees Bradford scores

overview screenshot 1 - My calendar

overview screenshot 3 - Compare actual hours against estimate on job/project

The software is divided into functional areas, each accessed by clicking on the appropriate menu tab.

  • My Pages - Enter and manage your own timesheets and review information that is personal to you and your working time
  • Activities - A general analysis of time on a company wide level
  • Employees - An overview of how the time of individual company employees is being utilised
  • Jobs/Projects - an analysis of time by job/project, including comparisons against estimates and/or target dates
  • Invoicing - time approval and invoice generation. Produce pdf copies of your invoices

Navigate between pages and reports within each section using the simple button bar, changeing optional report parameters via the drop down box on the right.

An extensive set of management reporting tools are available Time analysis data is presented in a mix of graphical and tabular formats, making them intuitive to read and easy to interpret, maximising the power and impact they offer.

Record maintenamce allows you control to add, edit and remove records, including activities, employees and jobs/projects. Access to individual sections and functions within the software can be restricted to each individual user, allowing for effective separation of duties if required.

Employees can enter and update their timesheets using the browser based web interface or by using the InfoEase timesheet Android™ App, available on Google Play.

For a more in-depth overview, and hands on experience, please sign up for the demo version of the software. Signing up to the demo allows you to try out many of the features of the full software with no obligation or commitment. Access to the demo is instant upon completion of the registration form.

Try the Demo »

Try the new Infoease Timesheet Demo Android™ App to enter your trial timesheet entries into the InfoEase demo.

Android app on Google Play

or search Google Play for InfoEase on your Android™ device, .