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Sign up for for access to InfoEase Standard

Walk through tutorial video

This walk through tutorial video shows how easy it is to sign up for, and access, the InfoEase Standard time tracking and management software.

Complete the short form by filling in your company details; choose a username and password and agree the terms and conditions for instant access.

Use of the software is immediate. No delivery, no software download, no installation - just login, configure and start recording time entries,

To maximise the benefits of the software, time should be taken to configure the setup of the software specific to your company. On first login we recommend you complete all the pages in the Settings section. Most importantly, add an appropriate set of activities before you start recording time.

Activities are the main building block which forms the reporting and workflow structure. Getting the right set of work activities for your business will significantly increase the benefits you will receive form using this software.

Once configured, Jobs and Projects can be added followed by employee access. Once your employees start adding timesheet records you can instantly enjoy all the benefits that come from the enhanced knowledge that you will have of your companies time resource.