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Software as a Service

SaaS - Software as a Service

InfoEase provides its time tracking software as a service, in the cloud.

What does that mean for me?

Simply put, it means that you will have instant access to latest versions of our software, with support included and you will only be paying for what you use without any long term commitments.

Our software is in the cloud

This means that we deliver it to you in a format that is highly available, platform independent and instantly ready for use no matter your level of technical expertise.

To understand the benefits of our software being cloud delivered, please click the following link.

More info on cloud computing »

Why should I choose Software as a Service (SaaS) as a model for my software licensing?

We deliver our software as a service where you pay for the use of this software using a subscription plan.

The amount that you pay will reflect the amount of use you have for this software. The more employees you would like or require to track, the more you will pay. We believe this model reflects a fair usage of the software.

Software as a Service

Traditional licensing models

In traditional software licensing models, you will usually pay an up-front fee for the right to use the software.

A one-off fee, called a perpetual license will give you the right to use the software indefinitely. You will have to pay again if a newer version of the software becomes available and you may also have to pay extra for additional support.

Alternatively, you may pay for software with an annual license which usually entitles you to updates and may include access to support.

With a traditional software licensing model, you are making a commitment and it is up to you to determine whether the software you are committing to will address the needs and scale of the business for the duration of the license.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service

With SaaS, you are only paying for what you need, when you need it. InfoEase Standard is a monthly subscription with tiered fees, meaning you pay an amount that is appropriate for the volume of use. This banding of fees scales up and down with your business needs. The monthly subscription model also frees you from long term commitment to a product. This minimises risk in choosing a software supplier and also allows you to save money by only paying for usage if you require to only track short project runs.

By using our service model, the fee you pay includes support for the entire duration of the contract. The software is delivered over the cloud and the subscription ensures that you will always have access to the latest version of the software, fully patched and with additional features and benefits instantly available for use. You will no longer have the responsibility or worry of checking version numbers, downloading patches and updates and rolling out in-place upgrades without end user disruption.

The software is delivered to you instantly, so no expensive setup fees or long lead times. You no longer have to worry about expensive on-premise infrastructure upgrades to enable the software to run, not do you have to check hardware or platform compatibility - just sign up and go.

We hope that you find our software meets your expectations and delivers a rewarding and productive enhancement for you, your business and your employees.

Please try our demo to give you an idea of how the software operates.

Trial our software with the InfoEase Demo »

Remember, with the subscription model, there is no risk in signing up for full access to the software for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss our Software as a Service subscription model further.