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Privacy Policy

InfoEase provides software as a service to assist businesses manage their time resources. In order to provide this service to you we require some information about you and the company you represent. To receive the full benefits of this service, we will also store, on your behalf, details relating to your employees and/or customers. We have a commitment to protecting your personal information as well as any commercially sensitive information that is stored by us for you.

Information required to use the demo

InfoEase provides a demo of the service we provide, allowing you to trial our service without any commitment. To register for access to the demo we will collect some basic information about you and the company you represent. You will also choose a username and password which will identify you for future visits to the demo service as well as provide security. We may use the information you provided to us to contact you regarding the service we provide. We will not sell or pass on any of the details you provided to any third party, unless they have a legal right to that information.

Information required to use the service

The information you provide us will be used in the administration of the service we provide to you and also to contact you with regards to the service. All other data stored by you in the process of using the service will be held securely and for the sole purpose of your business processes. It is possible that employees of InfoEase or agents acting on InfoEase's behalf may, in the course of their duties, come into contact with data provided by you. This will not be divulged to anyone and no physical records will be kept. Examples of when this may happen would be when support issues are under investigation or new reports or functions are being developed. Any physical records that are collected as a by-product of support or development activities will be immediately and securely destroyed. We will only pass on records relating to you or the company you represent when the recipient has a legal right to access the information.

Security - our responsibility

InfoEase is committed to protecting the security of the information stored about you or on your behalf. We will take all reasonable precautions to prevent misuse of your data and to prevent data loss. We cannot guarantee the security of any data sent over the Internet.

Security - your responsibility

You must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the integrity of the data that you store whilst using our services. These precautions include, but are not limited to, choosing complex passwords, frequently changing passwords and never divulging your passwords to anyone else. It is important that your company has an IT policy which your employees are aware of and follow and that the conditions of the policy also extend to cover any personal devices that your staff will use in the processing of data with our service.

Other information collected

InfoEase will collect other information about you while you are using the service we provide. This information will include IP addresses, time stamps of activities etc. This information will be used internally by InfoEase for analytics and as an audit trail for support related diagnostics.


Cookies are small files that reside on your computer and help to retain some information between site visits. You may restrict the use of cookies within your browser settings, however this may restrict the use of software or web sites including those operated by InfoEase. InfoEase does not use cookies to store any personal or sensitive data.

Who will have access to your data

You will ensure that at least one person within your company has administrative rights within your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that permissions are set correctly restricting employees to their appropriate level of access within the bounds of the software. Employees of InfoEase and any agents acting on behalf of InfoEase will have access to data stored by you. This access will be accessed only when required, such as diagnosing a fault or when producing new reports or functions. Any data will be treated in confidence and no physical records kept. Access will be provided to any external agent or authority who has a legal right to see it.

Third party sites

Our sites may provide links to third party web sites. We will always identify when content is provided by a third party. By continuing with access to the third party web site, it is your responsibility to check the privacy policy of the third party and to agree to it before continuing.

Your right to view the information

You have a right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. This information will be provided for a small administrative fee and only once proof of identification has been established.

Policy updated on 11th March 2014