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Employee timesheets, time tracking and time management

Employee timesheets and time managements workflow


The InfoEase employee time tracking system is a scalable solution designed to meet the requirements of any business big or small.

From sole traders working by themselves, small companies with less than 10 employees or larger organisations with hundreds or thousands of staff, our product can be scaled to suit the needs of any business.

The software is flexible enough to make it a prime business tool for any industry sector. From engineering to care providers, any organisation that has a requirement for time recording and analysis can benefit from this software.

InfoEase Time Tracking is a cloud based solution, making employee time management accessible to all.

Our solution is accessible, affordable, flexible, scalable and requires no additional hardware, platform or other technical expertise.

How can it benefit my business?

By using our software to record and track employee time, your company could benefit from the following:

  • Better planning by analysing historical and current use of resources
  • Having a greater understanding of use of time and employee resources can lead to lower costs through efficiency savings
  • Improved forecasts for future projects. By analysing similar projects, forecast may be produced faster and more accurately
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy for Payroll. Export employee hours into your Payroll software, including pay-types.
  • Improved cashflow through faster and more accurate invoicing. Create pdf invoices directly from the timesheet data within the software, use summary reports to give you the data for your invoicing or export the data to your finance software.
  • Reduced admin through employee self-service. By entering their own timesheets themselves, and having access to a variety of reports personal to themselves, your employees will be more empowered. This will reduce the time spent answering many queries form employees.
  • Information delivered to you anywhere you have internet access. You no longer have to be tied down to your desk or a secific PC to view management reports.
  • Employees can add timesheet entries anywhere they have internet access and, when using the Android™ phone and tablet app, can record their time offline and then sync it at a later time.

Flexible for any size

The software is designed to expand and reduce with your business needs.

The pricing model is based on the number of active users within the month so you will only be paying for what you require.

No contract tie-ins* allow you to use the software when you need it. This is ideal for tracking time resources or invoicing for time on specific projects only.

Simply use the software how you and your business require - only paying when you need to use the software.

As the software is web based, access to the software, and use of the software is instant meaning that you don't have to wait for delivery or software installation. Add and employee, allow them access and they can intsantly start to record their time.

* Subject to notice period (see terms and conditions).

Any industrly sector

The software is felxible enough to be configred to suit your business needs.

You choose the activities that are relevant for your company and your industry, allowing your employees to record their time against those activities.

You choose the projects that you want your employees to record their time against. Projects can be anything you want them to be, whether it's clients that you will invoice or a development project that you need to record and monitor time against.

You can setup the software for your companies needs and benefits, whether it is engineering project management, field servicing, agency staffing or providing care in a community setting.

How does it work?

You give access to your employees, allowing them to record their company time.

Employee access is controlled and administered from within your company so you retain control at all times.

The software consists of functional sections, each accessed by a simple tabbed menu. What each employee can see and have access to are determined by what permissions have been set for them.

Employees enter their own timesheets online or via the Android™ mobile phone and tablet app.

Time can be recorded by activity and against jobs or projects. This can be used for time analysis and invoicing workflow.

Analysis reports, generated directly from the timesheet information, are instantly available to help you with your decision making, invoicing and planning, as well as day to day management issues such as absence control.

There are a wide variety of management reports available covering activity analysis, employee time analysis and job/project progress.

At least one person will have full administrative rights, allowing them to change company details and preferences. It is recommended that at least two people should be given full administrative rights so that you have cover for absence.

Platform independent

The software is cloud based, accessed through a web interface.

Access to the software is instant for you and your company.

When you add an employee and grant them access, their new account is instantly available to them allowing them to start recording their time as soon as they are notified.

This software platform and hardware independant, removing the need for specific hardware purchase, delivery lead times and software installation.

Employees are no longer restricted to accessing the software on your companies resources only. Your employees have the choice of accessing their personal accounts using their own devices, at home or in their work location including out in the field.

A mobile App is available which can be installed on company devices or the employees own device. This allows for time recording where no internet connection is available and integrates seamleslly with the web based software.

All employees

The software has a clean and consistent layout, making it simple to use for all employees.

You control which sections of the software each employee has access to.

Employees only see the parts of the software that they have been granted access to, simplifying the end user experience.

Using the mobile app simplifies the recording of time further, with a simple check-in and check-out process.

Invoicing workflow can have duties separated between employees so that no one person can add a record, approve work and invoice. This helps maintain integrity.

I would like to see more...

A demo version of the software is available. This allows you to add your own timesheet entries and view a sample of management reports which include your own sample data alongside demo timesheets.

There are no time restrictions on access to the demo and most of the features of the full software are available.

The full version of the software is subscription based and can be cancelled at any time. This means that you can try the full version of the software without committing yourself to long term contracts. You can try the software on a single project or small sub-section of your organisation. If you are happy with the software and the benefits your are receiving from it then you can scale up and roll it out tot he rest of your employees. If you believe that this software is not for your business then you may cancel at any time.

Here to help!

We welcome all requests and are happy to discuss your specific needs irrespective of size or organisation type.