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Analysis of employee time

A complete view of how your time resources are utilised.

Gain access to a comprehensive set of time analysis tools, enabling you to estimate, plan and review what is happening within your business.

A top down view of your organisation.

overview screenshot 8 - Activity pie chart

overview screenshot 2 - Bradford scores

overview screenshot 9 - Radar chart showing actual v estimate

Each employee that you add can submit their own timesheets through the 'My Pages' self service section or by using the accompanying Android™ mobile app.

The data that is recorded using the employee timesheets forms the core building blocks of all the reporting functions that are available.

Within the management sections of the software, core reports are available which analyse, summarise and present the information that has been collected through the timesheet entry process. Reports are presented in both tabular and graphical format and data can be exported to csv file for further analysis or importing into your payroll or finance software. Information is grouped at various levels, including organisation, employee, job/project or activity.

By using the management reporting functions within the software to analyse the use of employee time within your organisation, you can benefit by:

  • improving your understanding of how employees are utilised within your organisation. Use this understanding to improve on efficiency and reduce costs.
  • effectively monitor progress on jobs/projects by comparing against estimated hours or target dates.
  • improve on future resource planning.
  • deliver quicker and more accurate estimates to future clients.
  • reduce payroll errors through employee empowerment and the reduced duplication resulting from a single point of data entry.
  • speeding up your cashflow. A single point of data entry means your time invoicing data is available for quicker approval and invoicing.
  • increased transparency and empowering your employees. Giving staff more control over their personal records, including pay claims will lead to a happier staff group.
  • improved absence management controls. Track planned and unplanned leave and use the results as control tools along side your existing absence policies.

For a more in-depth overview, and hands on experience, please sign up for the demo version of the software. Signing up to the demo allows you to try out many of the features of the full software with no obligation or commitment. Access to the demo is instant upon completion of the registration form.

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