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Layout and Navigation sample screen

A typical view of our software showing layout and navigation

This sample screen shows a timeline of activities in Gantt chart format. Actual time spent on each activity is compared against estimated time.

This screen shows the typical layout and navigation structure of the software.

Along the top left, are the section tabs. The software is divided into functional sections or areas: My Pages; Activities; Employees; Jobs/Projects and Invoices. The tabs that are visible for each of your individual employees will vary, depending on the permissions that you set for them.

A menu bar sits underneath the section tabs. These menu buttons provide access to the individual pages or reports within the selected software section. As with the section tabs, each employee that accesses the software may see a different set of buttons, depending on their permissions.

The menu on the right is the options menu which is specific to the page that you are currently viewing. The options vary but example options include selecting jobs/projects or changing the time period that the report covers.

Also along the top right are four feature buttons, which remain available throughout the software. These are, from left to right, a home button that takes you to the home page within each section, a contact button that will allow you to contact InfoEase support, a software settings button (dependant on whether you have permissions set to allow access) and a logout button.

The menu layout remains consistent throughout the software, allowing ease of navigation through familiarity. By hiding navigation objects that you do not have permission to access, the layout retains a clean, intuitive interface.

This sample screen shows a typical layout for a user with full access rights.

Sample screen showing navigation layout