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On your smartphone

Record your time anywhere with the mobile App

Timesheets can now be recorded and submitted anywhere with the InfoEase Android™ App. Check in and out of shifts even when no Internet access is available.

Your choice of timesheet entry

overview screenshot - Mobile list of shifts

overview screenshot - Mobile main menu

overview screenshot - Mobile absence recording

Employees can record their timesheets on the go using the Android™ App, available on Google play.

The app works on most Android™ phones and tablets (versions 1.6 and above)

Check in and out of shift and record the time against jobs/projects, assigning activity and payment type.

Record absences for a single shift or the whole week.

Shifts are recorded offline and synchronised whenever an internet connection is available. Jobs/Projects lists are automatically updated. Using the app to record timesheets reduced the dependency on internet access.

Use the app to view your uploaded timesheets and annual leave record. This allows fast access to the core information for your employees .

Search Google play for Infoease and install the app on your Android™ device.

Android app on Google Play