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Invoicing and approval

A fast and accurate time invoicing workflow

Faster gathering of timesheets from a single source of entry leads to cleaner and faster invoice generation.

Simpler invoicing

Overview of invoice approval screen

Overview of invoice generation screen

Using InfoEase to track employee time can speed up cash flow by allowing you to invoice faster. By collecting timesheets through a single point of data entry, you will have all the information available to prepare your time based invoicing faster.

Invoices can be produced directly from entered timesheet data, or from approved timesheet entries only. By forcing approval into the workflow, you can ensure separation of duties within the process.

Calendar views give a clear, overview of the status of timeesheet data at organisational level or by Job/Project. At a glance, you can see any outstanding issues within the workflow where colour coding shows clearly where shifts await approval or have yet to be raised on an invoice.

Select the period you want to include for approval then select the job/project and approve or reject shifts individualy or by block.

To generate an invoice, simply select the period for invoicing then select the job/project you would like to raise an invoice for. Select the entries that you would like to include on the invoice, modify the hourly rate if necessary, update the calculated total and then generate the invoice which will be immediately available in pdf format.

Historic invoices in pdf format are available for review or reprint at any time.

Invoices can also be exported into a csv file so that you can import them into your accounts software.

For a more in-depth overview, and hands on experience, please sign up for the demo version of the software. Signing up to the demo allows you to try out many of the features of the full software with no obligation or commitment. Access to the demo is instant upon completion of the registration form.

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