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Employee time tracking software

InfoEase provides cloud based time tracking solutions for your business, allowing you or your employees to submit timesheets electronically whilst delivering comprehensive management reporting and workflow from the resulting data.

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Manage employee time

Effective employee time management allows you to regain control of your company's time resources. Capture employee time and use the resulting information to improve on project planning, time and absence management, regulatory compliance and invoicing.

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Productive workflow

Improve on your cashflow with faster invoicing. Timesheet entry » approval » raise the invoice. It's as simple as that! Employee time management, HR metrics and project analysis reports instantly available for improved efficiency.

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Cloud computing

InfoEase is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Instantly available, pay for what you use with no long term contract tie downs.

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Regain control of time

Regain control of employee time

  • Track and manage employee time
  • Intuitive software
  • The software is fully scalable
  • Real time reporting of employee time
  • Regain control of employee time
  • Use this sfotware in any industry sector
  • Instant access to the software
  • Trial the software with the online demo
  • This software comes with accompanying Android mobile App

InfoEase is a cloud based time tracking solution, allowing you or your employees to submit timesheets electronically whilst delivering a comprehensive reporting system and workflow from the resulting data.

The software has an intuitive web based layout which means that it will always be available wherever an internet connection is present. It can be accessed on most internet enabled devices including PC's, laptops, tablets and smartphones remaining platform independent.

Fully scalable, the software expands with your company and can be scaled up and down. You can use this software to track employees time across your company, for single departments or just to track specific projects.

Real time reporting gives you access to the most up to date time tracking data within your company. This also allows for improved cash flow as a result of faster invoice generation.

Stay in control of employee time management. Keep track of employee contracts, monitor maximum working and track annual leave and other absences.

This software can be used in many industry sectors. From large scale engineering projects to the care sector, any company that needs to maintain control of its use of staff time or needs to invoice for time spent on project will find a benefit.

Start using our robust and secure time tracking software instantly with no on-site installation required. Freedom from long term contracts allows you to try the full software with little risk, allowing a full evaluation of the benefits of using our time tracking software.

Sign up for instant access to the demo version of the software. Start recording sample shifts into the timesheet recording and see the immediate impact on the selection of sample reports.

The InfoEase Timesheet Android™ app is available, allowing you or your employees to enter their timeheets by checking in and out of shift in real time, at any location and independent of internet availability. A demo version of the Android™ app is also available from the Google Play store which works seamlessly with the demo version of the software.